Welcome to DevDex, the Deviance Index. The connotation of the word "deviance" is pretty negative, but it really just refers to variation from a norm. Whether you perceive that deviation as a good thing depends on the norm in question and your personal beliefs.

Today, we're all faced with an avalanche of data, information, opinions and media intended to sway our political actions. Depending on your beliefs, you may support a given political position or oppose it - and you may support a given politician based on their remarks on the subject - but can you trust what they say? Do they mean what they say, or are they just appealing to your emotions by saying what you want to hear?

There are many fact checkers available, and we encourage their use, but this project is intended to do something different. DevDex hopes to track the statements politicians make over time, and to measure whether or not they're consistent. This should give you an indication of whether or not you can trust them, based on their own words.

Trust - but verify.

Please send comments and questions to team@devdex.org